Marine Works & Shipbuilding Corp.

About Us

  Name of Company : Dansyco Marine Works & Shipbuilding Corporation
  Business Address : 1204 M. Naval St., Navotas City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  Telefax : + 63 351-1208 · + 63 351-0845
  E-mail Add : info@dansycoshipyard.com
  Contact Person : Danny Sy / Dary Sy
  Nature of Business : Shipbuilding & Shiprepair
  Maximum size can be repair and constructed vessel : Up to 5000 DWT
  Size capacity building berth : Two berth: Berth1: up to 1000 DWT
Berth2: up to 5000 DWT
  Cranage Capacity : Two (2) units 25 tons mobile crane



Background Information 

DANSYCO MARINE WORKS & SHIPBUILDING CORPORATION is engaged in the business of Shipbuilding and Shiprepair. With Office & Yard Address at No.1204 M. Naval St., Metro Manila, Philippines

The Corporation has acquired the services of its Senior Technical Consultant, Mr. Danny Sy has vast experience in Shipbuilding since 1970 and has continually designed and built various vessels.

Since its establishment, DANSYCO has been continually broadening the scope and quality of its services. It has now achieved an outstanding reputation for quality shipyard services. Still, it is continuously upgrading its facilities and quality of its services.