₱1-billion dredging project on Tullahan River can solve Bulacan’s flooding problem

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, February 24) — The province of Bulacan’s flooding woes may be finally over soon as the ₱1 billion dredging and expansion project on Tullahan River is on the way.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources and San Miguel Corporation (SMC) launched on Sunday the Tullahan-Tinajeros River System dredging project at the Navotas Centennial Park, where the 36.4-km Tullahan River drains into the Manila Bay.

“This project is a dredging and expansion initiative to address the problems of the Tullahan River,” said SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon Ang in a statement. “First, we will take out the garbage, and then we will deepen the river so water can move more freely to the Manila Bay.”

Ang explained that the river acts as a spillway from Angat and Ipo dams and is supposed to drain excess water into the Manila Bay.

However, the pollution buildup in the river, which made it clogged and narrow, resulted in flooding in low-lying areas like Bulacan province.

The dredging project is also expected to maintain the Manila Bay rehabilitation.

The project will use brand new dredging equipment from Japan, including backhoes with barges, 55-tonner cranes also with barges, tugboats and dump trucks.

“For our part, we assure you, this will not be a one-time project," Ang said. "We will also do continuous yearly maintenance, and the dredging equipment we have bought will not be removed here anymore."